November Meeting

Thursday, January 19th, 2017
Speakers: Mario Carnevale, Myles Danforth, Hager GeoScience, Inc.
Topic: Low-Frequency GPR Investigation to Map Bedrock and Locate Missing Aircraft on Koge Bay Glacier, Greenland

This presentation will focus on the search for two heroic Coast Guard pilots lost during WWII who are currently the only Coast Guard MIAs. In 1942, Lieutenant John Pritchard and Petty Officer Benjamin Bottoms flew a rescue mission in a Grumman Duck to rescue a B-17 crew that crash-landed near Koge Bay, Greenland. On their second rescue trip, the Duck went down and the crewmen were never heard from again. In the past 75 years, glacial ice accumulation in this region is known to have reached more than 260 feet, as evidenced at the Lost Squadron crash site, approximately 120 miles north of Koge Bay. However, other parts of Greenland’s glaciers have experienced much lower accumulations. High-powered low-frequency GPR systems were used to image through more than 300 feet of glacial ice to map the bedrock surface configuration in an attempt to locate target areas for the missing aircraft. This presentation will describe the efforts of the Arctic HotPoint expedition to locate the remnants of the Grumman Duck using GPR and, thereby, repatriating the two Coast Guard MIAs to their families.

January Meeting

March 16th, 2017
Speaker: To Be Announced
Topic: To Be Announced

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